Monika Camillucci

My work is informed primarily by my strong relationship with nature. Whether working from direct observation or abstracting from memory and imagination, my interest is not in realistic rendering, but in conveying some quintessential quality or truth about my subject.
Using wood, metal, stone, paint, ink and found objects, I look for that special element, that will best support the image, the idea, the certain kind of feeling motivating me.
It is my hope, that viewers may connect and engage their own imagination and sensibility and in that way arrive at their own interpretation and appreciation.

Last Row, 2019
Row, wood, metal, bones, and stones

Time Stood Still, 2020
Wood, metal, watch, and stone

Monika Camillucci, Wing Chair Feathers and clay
Wing Chair
Feathers and clay



Rondel de l'Adieu
Wire and canvas