Malgosia Malinowska

“I raise above keep falling down... I am a Babylon slave lying on blue glazed tiles, a basic woman, devoting her body for pleasure, depended on man's desire.
He comes and goes like a Persian cat. An animal, full of urge, lost in need to poses.
He is perfect in touch but unreachable by heart, a savage, aggressive, true to his nature.
I worship the king of Susa and Teheran, the paramount of my fantasy, The King, a stranger from Iran.
Ahura Mazda spreads his wings above me, engraved by the name constant on my lips.
He looks down at me and that’s when I feel the heat of middle eastern sun, it warms up my sex.
My arms open up welcoming this destructive power, but my mind keep whispering Rumi's words of love. Day and night it consumes my recollection of time.
Naked, lying down, nobody more but a slave. I raise above keep falling in lust, the passion is my only escape, In desire and despair I await.”

Persian Dress
Persian Dress, 2013